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At the March 7th, 2018 General Membership meeting the Election of officers resulted in the following:

                          Office                         Name

                           President                        Marty Grzasko

                       Vice President         JT Davis    

                          Treasurer               Chris Fatica

                          Secretary                Ryan Novatnack 

Board Members

Dan Beck Roger Latimer                 

Ron Miller       Frank Sicicchitano

Harold (Skip) Simmons         Al Warner

Karl Weixlmann Sam Zacour

The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association is a nonprofit organization established to enhance and preserve the Steelhead fishery in Pennsylvania including improving public access for Steelhead fishing, encouraging private landowners to maintain public access for Steelhead fishing, implementing stream enhancement and habitat improvement projects for Steelhead, and assisting nonprofit organizations which operate nurseries for spawning or raising Steelhead, or which acquire land or access easements for Steelhead fishing, or which engage in activities which complement the purposes and activities of the Pennsylvania Steelhead Association.

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 November 2017

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Meetings are typically held at 7:30 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. American Legion Post #773,  4109 West 12th Street, Erie, PA.

The next meeting of the PSA is April 11th, 2018! 

April 11th Program Presenters 

Alec Link & Dan Armstrong

    We're both from Albion, PA. Born and raised on the tribs of lake Erie fishing for steelhead ever since we can remember. We are going to talk about steelhead fishing on kodiak island. The differences between those fish and ours, similarities, and techniques to catch them. Also we will talk about our camp on kodiak, a little bit of history of it all, and who we work for up there.

      Dan has been guiding for the Duncan's and in Alaska for 10 years. Alec has been guiding in Alaska and for the Duncan's for 5 years. We both guide from June to September 1st on the Kanektok river in Quinhagak, Alaska. From September through the 1st of November we guide on Invitation creek which is our own private west coast steelhead river. This river can only be fished with a guide. The 4 guides, and our 36 guests are the only 40 people a year who get to fish Invitation creek. 

      When we are home Dan and I are both local steelhead guides. Most of our trips are on the conneaut, ashtabula, or the grand, as unlike most other guides we offer a little bit of different experience than you'll get with most guides. We run float trips on these rivers, less walking, and less rif raf from the weekend warriors, and the fly by night guides.

        Outside of fishing I like to keep a steady job for the winter when our rivers do freeze up, and hunting season isn't in session. Working for fish USA in the winter keeps me on my toes with new products and just helps me keep an ear to the ground on all the local fisheries. Dan and I both practice catch and release. We like to consider us conservationists for fly fishing, and our local steelhead fisherie more importantly. 

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